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Neighborhood Spotlight

  Pineapple Grove, Lake Ida, and The Bridges Moving to Delray Beach?? 3 of the BEST Neighborhoods in Palm Beach County Are you moving to Delray Beach and want to know the best neighborhoods in Palm Beach County? In this video, I show you 3 of the BEST neighborhoods in ...

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Moving to Palm Beach County Florida

  So…I bet that you have heard of the real housewife, Leah Black of Miami. My name may be Lea Black, but I am not the same one featured on TV.  I am a real estate agent with Posh Properties, and I help people buy and sell their dream homes ...

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Who is moving to Delray Beach Florida?

Why Move to Delray Beach FL | Who’s Moving to Palm Beach County? Are you thinking of moving to Delray Beach and want to know who else is moving there, too? In this video, I’m going to provide you with all of the information and insights on Delray Beach that ...

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